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Our company has always adhered to the pursuit of high quality for many years. We hope that on the basis of win-win, we can move from success to a better future.

In 2013, we took professional team to found Jiaxing Zhiyue Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd. Now, we have more than ten years of production experience, and have became a professional production and trade-oriented enterprise for rubber wheel, plastic wheel and various rubber and plastic parts.


Over the years, we have grown up because our workers have been adhering to the concept of "quality is the life of the enterprise", adhering to the style of "work hard, treat people sincerely", and the entrepreneurial spirit of "dare to be the first, promise a thousand dollars".


We develop because we know that today, when the technological differences are getting smaller and smaller, the value of the enterprise is equal to the sum of the value of customer relationship. In the development of Zhiyue, one eye always sees customers, the other eye sees employees, not competition and wealth. Only in this way can our enterprise be happy and happy.


We grew up because we grew up in an era when China's economy developed rapidly and attracted worldwide attention. It is the social responsibility and mission of enterprises to take advantage of society, repay society, create opportunities and grow together. We have always adhered to the enthusiasm and perseverance of entrepreneurship, and made it clear that enterprises must adhere to the development strategy of "business specialization, industrial diversification" so as to keep and strive to become the industry leader.


Looking forward to the future, we will continue to surpass and strive to become an outstanding and sustainable enterprise, providing every Zhiyue worker with a career stage and improving the happiness index of life. To achieve this goal, we have to redouble our efforts.