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Accelerating "Intelligent Manufacturing" to Promote Transformation, Upgrading and Sustainable Development in Plastic Industry

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With the continuous increase in consumption and the structural contradictions still exist, the plastics industry can only achieve the transformation, upgrading and sustainable development by combining the national strategy of "China made 2025", "Internet plus" and "one belt and one road", so as to accelerate the development process of "intelligent manufacturing" and form new development kinetic energy. This is the information China Chemical Journal reporter learned from the 12th International Forum on the Development of China's Plastic Industry held in Yuyao, Zhejiang Province, from November 5 to 9.
At the meeting, Fu Xiangsheng, vice president of Sinopec Federation, said that "Made in China 2025" clearly listed new materials as one of the ten key development directions, while plastics are an important part of new materials. With the rapid development of plastic industry, China has become a real big plastic production and consumption country. In 2015, China's plastic raw material output reached 79.61 million tons, apparent consumption reached 104 million tons, breaking through 100 million tons for the first time. In that year, the business income of the owners of plastic products exceeded 2 trillion yuan, and their position in the national economic system became more and more prominent.
Hu Yongqing, deputy general manager of China Petroleum Planning and Planning Department, said that at present, China's polyolefin industry production facilities have covered all the mainstream technology routes, and successfully developed a complete set of polyolefin process technology with independent intellectual property rights, built an industrial plant, technology reached the international advanced level.
While affirming the achievements of the plastic industry, Fu Xiangsheng pointed out that the structural contradictions existing in the industry are still outstanding. In 2015, China's import and export deficit of synthetic resins was 36.3 billion yuan, the largest trade deficit of all chemical industries. The trend of high-end products relying on imports has not changed. The self-supporting rate of the typical polycarbonate is only 27%. The self-sufficiency rate of the high-end polyolefin is only 38%.. Based on the current situation of the plastics industry, Fu Xiangsheng pointed out that the "Internet +" should be vigorously developed to form a new kinetic energy for the development of the industry. With the rise of information platform, the plastic industry is expected to innovate its operation mode and enhance its development momentum.
Su Dongping, secretary-general of China Plastic Machinery Industry Association, said that an important direction of upgrading the plastic industry is the transformation of "intelligent manufacturing", and plastic machinery is the key material basis. At present, China's plastic machine market has exceeded 50 billion yuan, ranking first in the world, and the plastic machine industry is also a key national encouragement industry. "Although China's plastic machinery industry keeps abreast of the trend of the times, it is constantly carrying out beneficial exploration of equipment upgrading and intelligent manufacturing. But objectively speaking, most of the plastic machinery industry is still at the level of industry 2.5, which is still far from industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 requires the production line to realize intellectualization from recognition, perception, recognition, judgment to self-correction. At present, there are still gaps in this respect.
The forum is sponsored by Sinopec Federation, China Light Industry Federation and Yuyao Municipal People's Government. At the same time, the Forum held the 18th China Plastic Expo, with an exhibition area of 42,000 square meters, more than 2,000 booths and more than 40,000 visitors. PetroChina, Sinopec, Sinopec, Sinochem, Huajin Group, Yanchang Petroleum, Haitian Machinery and Austria Weimeng, Germany Aberg and other enterprises participated in the exhibition.